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    The best asphalt paving company in the area!


    You want asphalt paving to keep your property smooth and looking perfect. Whether you need an asphalt paving company to fix your disintegrating parking lot or roadway or to introduce another parking area at your working environment, DV Asphalt Paving in Arlington is the one to call!

    We work with a wide range of Asphalt paving materials and applications.


    Arlington, Texas climate is hard on asphalt paving surfaces – drought extreme heat of the summer to pouring rains and even occasional below freezing temps. This being Texas, we all know to wait a minute and the Texas weather can change dramatically in a matter of hours. Swings like that can wreak havoc on an asphalt paved surface.


    The trained experts at DV Asphalt Paving are proud to live and work in Arlington, Texas. Our local team knows how Texas weather can impact asphalt surfaces, and we can provide suggestions for a regular maintenance routine to give your new asphalt surface the long life you need, for many years to come. Hands down – choosing a local Arlington contractor is always the best decision when it comes to new asphalt paving in Arlington!


    More than Just Asphalt Paving

    DV Asphalt Paving is an experienced asphalt paving company that can handle any and all aspects of asphalt paving, repair, maintenance, resurfacing, pothole repair, parking lot repair, parking lot maintenance, parking lot striping, seal coating, crack sealing and more.


    Quality Asphalt Paving Equals Satisfied Customers

    Asphalt Paving is a cost-efficient way of installing and/or repairing roadways and parking lots. A properly paved asphalt surface provides better traction, smooth aesthetics, and a fuel-efficient path to travel on.


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